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You can easily Manage your institute data like Student attendance, fees, and exams data.
And You will get this access on your device with our tufee App


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App Functions

Student Profile

Create Student Profile and manage all kind of data about student with this app. you can easily create view edit and delete your student's profile

Class Management

Allows administrators to manage classes, such as creating and editing class schedules, assigning teachers, and managing student enrollment.

Student Management

Allows administrators and teachers to manage student information, such as adding and editing student profiles, viewing student grades, and tracking student attendance.

Fee Management

Allows administrators to manage student fees, such as tracking payments, generating invoices, and sending reminders to parents.

Attendance Management

Allows teachers to take attendance and view attendance records for their classes.

Staff Management

Allows administrators to manage staff information, such as adding and editing staff profiles, tracking staff attendance, and managing staff roles and permissions.

Salary Management

Allows administrators to manage staff salaries, such as generating salary slips, tracking deductions, and generating reports.

ID Card Generation

Allows administrators to generate and print ID cards for students and staff.

Birthday Wishes

Allows teachers to send birthday wishes to their students.

Teacher Login

Allows teachers to log in and access their dashboard, which includes their class schedules, student information, and attendance records.

Student Login

Allows students to log in and access their dashboard, which includes their class schedules, grades, and attendance records.



Dipankar Ghosh

Amazing App

Excellent app.I have been using it for more than 2 year and it is easy to use.The response from the helping community is very fast.If you face any problem they can solve it within 2 hours. I have recovered 80% of the due amount by sending due reminder process.Thank you ❤️ Tufee ❤️❤️ For this valuable app....❣️


Thakur B. S. Tomar

Top School Management App

Best application for Schools & Coaching classes, because about every feature such as students details, attendence,fee receipt, I'd card, staff details, salary, attendence and batch shifting feature. Now there is no need a register to maintain the record, because there's every feature in this application which needs to a school for maintain the record. Really I love & like it & congratute the team for building such a nice & good application.The best thing is that it works offline.


Ahtesham Khan

Awesome tool

Got a very good and quick customer support and the other services were good thats y decided to go ahead with it after 5 days of trial period.Good job,team tufee and the maintenance of attendance records and fee slips and salaries have become so easy Even it notifies upcpming birthdays.

Developer Info


Gulab Patel

Android + Web developer

402, Dhvanil Infotech, Possible Triangle Mavdi Bypass Road, Rajkot Gujarat, India

+91 8849180099